Monday, July 6, 2009

Arts & Crafty Business.. Travel Jewelry Roll

I was in need of a way to transport my necklaces to craft fairs, boutiques or friends and family.. and have a way to display them too. Packaging them in individual pouches seemed to be too time consuming to open them up one by one. I knew I needed a travel jewelry roll. I shopped Target and Ebay for dimensions and construction details and then headed out to JoAnn's for my supplies.

The idea was to have a business card pocket on the inside and 12 spots for necklaces.. a row of pockets on the bottom would hold each one so they wouldn't tangle. The bar on top would be snapped on each end and be removable too. The ones I had seen in jewelry supply stores were black velvet.. but I feel like my pieces show better on a light ground so I went with a linen-like fabric. The embroidered outside fabric I had purchased a few years a ago when I lived in NYC.. and was saving it for the perfect project.

I measured out how big the roll would be when unrolled to hold 12 pieces, with varying pocket sizes from 3" to 1.5", and business cards, then cut my inside lining, inside bar, inside pocket (doubled so it's folded for a clean edge), and outside fabric. I also needed to reinforce the roll with a fusing so I cut that too for the length of the roll and the inside bar.

I sewed the bar first- like a tube, turned it inside out and fed through the fusing. I sewed on the ribbon detail and pressed it with an iron. Next came the pocket. Folded in half, I sewed the ribbon detail across. I pinned where I wanted my pocket seams, lined up the pocket piece with the inside fabric and the fusing and sewed the individual pockets, reinforcing the stitching at each end. Next, I returned to the bar and hand sewed the snaps on and the other end on the inside fabric/fusing.

Finally, I used my logo stamp (best purchase yet), and stamped on a piece of the inside fabric and, when dry, rubbed the piece in my hands until the edges frayed. I lined the piece up on the front fabric and sewed, leaving the frayed edges out.

Now it was time to put it all together... Facing the right sides together, like when sewing a pillow, I lined up my edges so the logo patch would be in the right spot when rolled... and pinned in my ribbon tie on the same edge as the patch. The ribbon was a yard long and folded in half.. the folded edge was going to be sewn inside the seam... so one side wraps around and then they tie- like an umbrella tie. After sewing all side, I left a 4" edge unsewn so I could flip the roll right side out.

Now.. it's time to flip right side out and hand sew the part left, with hidden stitches... and finally, press the whole roll with the iron.

Some additional details I will go back and add.. Since the bar is so long, it dips in the center with the weight of the necklaces, I'd like to tack it down between each necklace (snaps aren't really necessary). I'd also like to add a thin velcro strip half way between the bar and the pockets for each necklace.. to hold them in place, individually. The last pocket, on the end with the tie, can't hold a necklace because it will hang outside the roll. Use this pocket for business cards..

• Your favorite outside fabric
• A complimenting inside fabric
• Fusing
• A ribbon or similar for a tie
• Thread to match the inside fabric
• Velcro
• Detail trim- optional


  1. Hi Sandy, I was just looking for something like this, and unfortunately I'm very un-crafty. Do you sell these rolls anywhere that I can order?


  2. vosoledad thanks for the comment.. I don't have them listed in my shop yet but plan to.. email me directly and I can work on a custom order for the size you need.
    sandy {at}


  3. Sandy, I too, am not very crafty. Do you have these in your shop now? I really need one!